What is Association TV®

Association TV® (a division of WorkerBee.TV, Inc.) empowers associations to use video strategically. Our platform and service model modernize the way associations inform, educate and inspire their community. We dramatically improve engagement which drives the success of your association's retention, recruitment and revenue. The Association TV® engagement model enhances associations' relevance to today's - and tomorrow's - members. We help associations affordably leverage the power of video and multimedia. Association TV® makes your association's video program Profitable, Purposeful and Predictable.


Associations understand that to be profitable, your programming must retain existing members while attracting new ones. This content model can also increase non-dues revenue by enhancing your associations sponsorship, advertising and pay-per-view offerings.

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Mobile access, micro-learning and social media have changed the way we communicate and learn. For associations to deliver on their objectives and purpose, you need to embrace digital and multimedia content models. Association TV® modernizes your programming to ensure you are maximizing reach, engagement and cutting through the clutter.

Video and multimedia are the best way to intentionally inform, educate, accredit, advocate, inspire and motivate your members to register, download, volunteer and join. Plan to achieve your educational mission through purposeful bite-size learning badges, promoted member services and engage your community anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Predictable, scheduled frequency of content in a new, organized medium will focus and heighten your audience's attention. Inspire your members with a fresh video series on topics that speak to them. Make it easy for your audience to find, consume and act with the use of multimedia.

Association TV® orchestrates and simplifies the member journey with planned, predictable content that leads to higher click-through rates and more time spent viewing your content. Members don't care about departments; they care about experience and value, Association TV® helps you deliver on this value.

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